Our Construction and Demolition Waste Management Project

Building materials accounts for about half of all materials used and about half the solid waste generated worldwide. They have an environment impact at every step of the building process. Taking this into account, Governments worldwide have responded to the need to recycle construction and demolition waste.


“Solid Waste Management Department, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation issued Expression of Interest on 18/03/2012 for Design, Construct, Operate and Maintain a daily 300 TON processing plant, to be set up at Gyaspur / Pirana for Construction & Demolition waste and collection and transportation of such waste from city area to the plant site, on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode for 30 years and invited offers for it.”

A Proposal submitted; dated 06/08/2012; by Amdavad Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd. was accepted by AMC.

Agreement between Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Amdavad Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd for the above project was made in October 2013.
In above concern, we have set up the construction and demolition plant in record time at Pirana with mammoth treatment capacity of 100 MT per Hour. Our service includes complete transportation, treatment and recycling of construction and demolition waste of the city of Ahmedabad.


  • Waste Management

    The project is a green project as it focuses on harnessing finished product from construction and demolition waste. C&D waste otherwise being dumped into landfills is transformed in usable products. Over exploitation of resources can be minimized by use of recycled clay, sand and aggregates for construction purpose.

  • Zero Discharge Concept Plant

    The plant uses minimum amount of water and is a model plant for zero water discharge concept as whole of water is used and make up is only due to product bound water loss or process loss.

  • Energy Efficient Model

    The plant administrative building has been developed and constructed as per Green Building Concept with energy efficient solar panel for energy harvesting.

  • Aesthetic Value

    C&D debris disposed and dumped in open in urban areas. Construction and Demolition (C&D) projects causing pile of waste in the road, resulting in traffic congestion will be reduced. Neatness of the urban areas can be maintained by not loitering demolition waste .Value of waste can be increased by using this for benches , pave bricks, Curb stone thus fetching more commercial value than dumping these in landfills.